Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Randy Orton Is A Tremendous Sadistic Heel

The best example of this was this famous deal with Stephanie and Triple H, but it's important to know that Randy Orton can still do it in 2020.

Destroying his "friend" Edge was one thing, but somehow he's managed to step it up with Matt Hardy.

It's not that it's the most vicious or sadistic thing he's done. It's not even the worst thing he's done to a Hardy, but the whole vibe he puts out there has such a sense of menace to it.

Watching him walk up the ramp, stop, and take his sleeveless hoodie off tells you exactly what is happening next. You know you can't do anything about it, but you hope the guy in the ring can somehow escape...he can't though.

Something about the cold inevitability of what Orton is going to do is really engaging.

Why did I say what he did to Hardy was worse? To me, that largely comes from the banter. Orton telling Hardy that he "loved" Edge was like twisting the knife even more into what he did to Edge while simultaneously sending the message that this was going to be worse.

I've said it before, but the only thing crazier than how sadistic Orton can be is that some day he'll be on the fans' good side again and we'll all love him. When he turns on another one of our fan-favorites we won't be the least bit surprised as it is a true "scorpion and frog" scenario, but it will still be heart-breaking.

Orton is also an interesting case because he can simmer for a while and just sort of exist in WWE (or vacation a lot or whatever), but when they want to heat him up it absolutely works every single time.

Randy Orton is a tremendous pro-wrestler, and one sadistic heel.

Photo Credit: Wrestling World