Saturday, February 8, 2020

Quick Results For ACTION Wrestling: Royal v Sells

Here's your Quick Results for ACTION Wrestling: Royal v Sells.

As an aside, ACTION is returning to Sandy Creek HS for SuperShow II on Friday, March 20th, and will be DEBUTING at Newnan HS on Friday, April 24th!

Per The CEO himself, tickets for SuperShow II will be on sale "next week."

Anyhow, here's the results for tonight's show which was a wild affair...

  • O'Shay Edwards retains his Prime Time Pro Wrestling Title against SUGE D. O'Shay was every bit as good as ever, and while I've always liked SUGE D he seems to have stepped his game up after his run in Europe.

  • Nolan Edwards impresses the crowd in his debut with a victory over the also debuting Eel O'Neal (who is hooked up with the PTPW contingent)

  • Speaking of those guys...Breaux Keller and Isaiah Frazier attacked Nolan post-match which brought out the Rednexicans (Bobby Flaco/Kavron Kanyon) to make the save.

    Their previously announced match started at that point with Keller/Frazier getting the W.

  • Team SUP (Brett Ison, Kevin Ku, and Jaden Newman) defeated Team ACTION (ACTION and SUP Bonestorm Champion AC Mack, Alan Angels, and "The Captain" Shawn Dean) in a wild brawl that the crowd was HOT for.

  • JD Drake made his ACTION debut against the 1 Called Manders in what was an absolute HOSS FIGHT. "The Cornbelt Cowboy" Manders gets the win.

  • Benjamin Carter gets a huge victory over West Coast Legend, B-Boy. Both men won over the ACTION crowd, and I think from a technical standpoint this was the match of the night.

  • "The Rock N Roll Model" Matt Sells is now $2,500 richer (and still has his hair) after defeating "The ACEGAWD" Arik Royal.

    This may have been the hottest finish to any match I've seen in ACTION, and Sells kept his promise by "making it rain" for the audience after the big win.

UPDATE: Larry Goodman from Georgia Wrestling History has published his report!

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