Saturday, February 15, 2020

Kevin Ku Signs With MLW

I'm sure I've missed other signings from our "scene," but I saw this one and had to share.

Kevin Ku is one of those guys that I became a fan of from the first time I saw him. Dude brings an intensity to the ring that is palpable.

He's also the only guy I've ever seen piledrive one dude onto another dude and pin them both by standing atop them. *Watch Scenic City Futures 2018 on IWTV if you'd like to see this, promo code 'ACTION' gives new subscribers a 5 day free trial.*

His whole vibe rules, as does his team with Dom Garrini (who is also with MLW) which is known as VIOLENCE IS FOREVER.

Here's what I had to say about Kevin Ku in August 2018:

Ku is a guy I had seen before, and liked. The performance that weekend though took me from one level of appreciation to another though. Talking to another fan we agreed that Ku's intensity in the ring really comes through in his work.

Besides him getting a unique, and badass finish in the Futures Showcase (which we will talk about in the future), he just comes off as so aggressive that you have to respect it and appreciate it. He did a move to the corner on an opponent, and he absolutely ATTACKED it. It's like he wrestles with a reckless abandon that draws you in.

After I began writing this post, ACTION Wrestling had the following to say on Twitter.
Congrats to Kevin Ku on the news of his signing with MLW!

Ku will still be a part of ACTION moving forward and will be at SUPERSHOW II on March 20th
SAW DC would also like to congratulate him.

PHOTO CREDIT: Michael Watson @BRAINBUSTER_ on Instagram, it was Ku's Twitter profile pic at the time this was published.