Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Drew McIntyre On Raw Last Night

Apparently I was distracted during this segment so I pulled it up this morning and gave it another look.

Reason I bothered to do this was as I mentioned before it will be fascinating to watch Drew McIntyre's run to WrestleMania.

There's actually another reason though, and it was that my Twitter timeline was kind of divided on the segment. Divided may be too strong, but there was a good bit of "Drew is a dork" or more accurately "They've made Drew into a dork" discussion.

So, I gave it another look and I really don't see that. To me, this was a natural continuation of what we've seen from him. He allowed some of natural charisma to shine through. Even the part with Paul Heyman sat better with me than I would have anticipated. Typically when he starts talking I tune out, but I thought he was fine as well.

Was there some babyface pandering by Drew? Yeah, but it wasn't over-the-line and you're going to have some of that. I thought he pulled it off well enough and let his natural charisma to carry it that it all worked.

As of right now, I'm not concerned. I think Drew is in fine shape heading into his clash with WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania.

As an aside, I asked my wife about Drew as she has said repeatedly that she likes him. She brought up an interesting point. The way Drew is used right now feels unique to him, and authentic. There's nothing about him that feels strongly influenced by other people which helps us to relate to him. Also he has "nice dimples" according to her. I think that's fair.