Sunday, February 9, 2020

Aja Smith Becomes First Full-Time Female African-American Referee In WWE

This is really cool because CNN profiled Aja Smith (known to ACTION Wrestling fans as Aja Perera) who just signed on to become the first full-time female African-American referee in WWE history.

Aja was fantastic in-ring talent from everything I saw, and I have every confidence that she'll excel in this new role in WWE. It clearly means a lot to her as she had the following to say.
"That is the greatest moment of my life," Smith said through tears. "Having this platform as a female, as a female of color, is really an honor and I'm so thankful to be given this moment."
This will sound really weird, but I find this whole thing fascinating because especially at the independent wrestling level I always pay attention to the referees.

They really are "unsung heroes" as Aja says is quoted in the CNN piece. From my perspective I'd say you may not notice a good one, but you'll dang sure notice a bad one.

There's a certain amount of theatricality that is needed in that position (along with staying out the way) and when someone doesn't have it you will ABSOLUTELY notice it.

South Atlanta Wrestling Dot Com wishes Aja Smith nothing but the best. It's great to see a talent like her to get an opportunity to shine at the next level.