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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Talking Fast Food Part 6 - Long John Silver's

Long John Silver's is a fast food restaurant that I eat at no more than twice a year. I don't know that I have ever left there thinking...THAT was a good idea, but every six months or so I convince myself THIS TIME it will be DIFFERENT!

Truth is that it's never different.

My trip today was interesting because the chicken wasn't as disgusting as it usually is. The breading on their chicken is unique and I like it in theory. The problem is that it's almost like the chicken is someone encased in the breading instead of being attached to it.

It's kind of like when you put your toothbrush in a travel case. You can hear the toothbrush rattling around in there. That's how it feels like the LJS chicken is. Too often the texture on the chicken is like slimy for lack of a better term. It's all very unsettling.

The sides are better. The fries are perfectly adequate. The hush puppies are good.

Overall, it's just not a great place to eat so you may wonder why I convince myself I should go once in a while.

The answer is simple...crunchies. I even did a video the other day about this.

Yes, that's correct. They put the little fried batter crunchies in the basket under your chicken. THAT is why I keep going back, and probably will again in January 2021.

I almost forgot, but even the restaurant itself gives you a kind of sad feeling. 90% or more of the LJS I have visited are dark, dingy, and poorly maintained. Their commitment to running such a awful looking chain is honestly kind of impressive at this point.

Here's some pics from my visit today.

(Usual Order: Two pieces of chicken, fries, hush puppies, a Pepsi, regret, pain, and sorrow)

UPDATE: Apparently this trip hindered my ability to think because in that video I said I had "hash browns," but I meant "hush puppies."