Thursday, January 2, 2020

Happy New Year From South Atlanta Wrestling Dot Com!

South Atlanta Wrestling Dot Com would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year as 2020 has gotten underway.

I had the opportunity to unwind a little bit as me and my wife headed to Sylva, NC for a few days after all the great time we got to spend with family and friends.

It's hard to come back to the real world, but we are here now.

Moving forward we have some exciting things in store as we do the following this year:

  • Continue our relationship with ACTION Wrestling as a sponsor of their shows (Streets Of Rage is Saturday, January 11th!).

    We are also working on a very special project right now with "The CEO" Matt Griffin!

  • More WWE discussion. Sometimes sitting and writing a post seems so daunting even though I Tweet incessantly. I'd like to channel some of that discussion here in longer posts about WWE and of course "The Big Dog" Roman Reigns

  • Off-topic discussion is something I'd like to do more of here. Sometimes it will be things like the movie trailers that I like to share, but anything else that I can kick around on here will be kicked around on here this year.

  • Talking Fast Food will be a bigger feature moving forward as well!

Anyhow, I'd like to do a better job of running this site this year, and I believe I will. Hopefully these changes will be noticed, and appreciated.