Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Buddy Murphy Joins Rollins & AOP

While it may be just a touch too early, I am FIRED UP about Buddy Murphy aligning himself with "The Monday Night Messiah" Seth Rollins & AOP on last night's Raw.

All of it was perfect from the execution to the last shot on the show, and it will add an interesting dynamic to that stable.

First, it adds another body which will ramp up the menacing aura of the stable. Second, it will allow the stable's influence to touch other aspects of the show.

This makes a lot of sense based on what Rollins' mission is, and gaining another follower makes the whole thing work better.

Another aspect is that it gives Buddy Murphy some much needed direction. He feels more important today than he did at the beginning of Raw. The same happened for AOP when they joined up with Rollins.

There is one critical piece left to put in place...a name. This stable needs a name, and it deserves a name. I have no suggestions, but a name and shirts will make it seem a lot more cohesive.

Not entirely related, but I really like the new Monday Night Messiah shirt they made for Rollins.