Monday, November 11, 2019

SAW EXCLUSIVE: PTPW's Frazier & Keller Coming To A Very Merry ACTION Wrestling Christmas

UPDATE: President Gator will be making the trip down to Tyrone, GA with Frazier and Keller as confirmed by PTPW last night!


As part of the working relationship between Washington DC's Prime Time Pro Wrestling and ACTION Wrestling, two talents are heading south to ACTION for the show in Friday, December 6th (A Very Merry ACTION Wrestling Christmas).

Isaiah Frazier will be teaming with Breaux Keller against The Gym Nasty Boys!

Before we get into this match let's talk a bit about this relationship between Prime Time Pro Wrestling, and ACTION. I reached out to CEO of ACTION Wrestling, Matt Griffin about the relationship between the two promotions, and he had the following to say.
"We are proud to build relationships with other promotions to benefit all of our wrestlers. Since their first show Prime Time Pro Wrestling has commanded attention in the Washington DC metro area and we're excited to trade talent and build a working relationship."
Mister Gator, President of PTPW responded with this when asked about Frazier and Keller's ACTION Wrestling debut.
“Prime Time is sending our very best to ACTION and we know ACTION fans will be Prime Time fans after seeing Isaiah Frazier and Breaux Keller in action. We are putting our best foot forward and hope to enjoy a long relationship.”
Back to the match at hand, I am very excited to see Keller team with Frazier. What I've seen of Frazier at a Scenic City event, I liked. What I've found on social media and elsewhere of Keller looks exciting as well.

As for The Gym Nasty Boys, they are an absolute riot every single time I've seen them. They are hilarious, and they also bring it in the ring. They've appeared in ACTION before and I'm glad they've made their way back.

It's always exciting to see new talent, and I'm glad this working relationship between ACTION and PTPW is allowing people in DC, and south of ATL to see some talent they may not otherwise see. It's also refreshing to see quality promotions work together.

As an aside, ACTION Champion AC Mack will be heading to PTPW on November 16th to defend the ACTION Wrestling Championship against Alan Angels!

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**South Atlanta Wrestling is proud to be a sponsor of ACTION Wrestling!**