Wednesday, November 20, 2019

My Undertaker Story

Not sure if I ever shared this before, but I have what is kind of an interesting Undertaker story.

I don't fly anymore, but one of the last times I flew was to Connecticut so we could drive over to visit family in Massachusetts.

While in the airport we walked by this MASSIVE guy dressed in black. After we passed him I said to Dad, "I think that was (WCW's) "Mean" Mark Callous. He agreed because a guy like that does not blend in and is easy to spot.

Anyhow, this was November 1990 and it was the same week as Survivor Series (1990 in Hartford, CT) where The Undertaker debuted.*

It was pretty cool when we saw the recap of the PPV and realized that "Mean" Mark Callous had become The Undertaker the same week we saw him in that airport.

*He was first seen on TV at that show, but they filmed a match earlier that week to be aired after his Survivor Series debut. That match didn't air until December.