Wednesday, November 13, 2019

CM Punk Makes Surprise Debut On WWE Backstage

It's been rumored for a while, but CM Punk showed up on WWE Backstage. Apparently the deal is that he's signed with FOX, and not WWE. Having him involved in any sort of WWE project is a big deal though regardless.

As for my thoughts on Punk, I've always put it this way.

For a period of time (Straight Edge Society through becoming WWE Champion) he was arguable my favorite wrestler in the world. By the end of his run that magic had faded. I've never clamored for his return, and certainly haven't chanted his name at WWE events.

I have, however, said that it would be really cool if he and WWE ever mended fences. While we may not be there yet, and an in-ring return may still never happen I will say I'm glad to see him back around the promotion in some manner.