Thursday, October 31, 2019

Southeastern Wrestling Legend TANK: An Appreciation

This was taken DURING the match
My son and I had our first out-of-state guy's trip when we went to Tank's Scenic City Throwdown in Sale Creek, TN.

It was a great night of wrestling of course because the Scenic City crew always gives you that, but what made this show in particular so appealing to me was getting to see the retired Tank wrestle.

It being a Tank-focused show made it something I did not want to miss, and we were fortunate enough to get these pics of and with him.

I first saw him wrestle back in the NWA WildSide days, and he teamed with Iceberg for a good while too.

Once WildSide became Anarchy, I did not really follow indie wrestling at all. What started me hot and heavy in it again (to the point that this site sponsors ACTION Wrestling now) was AWE's Gargano/Ciampa Weekend in January 2016.

Tank was not on that show, but at some point (this is all murky to me I can't remember things very well) I did see him wrestle with Berg again.

I rarely get mark pics, but wanted one with the legend
Again it's fuzzy, but at some point I decided I wanted to go to the Scenic City Invitational 2017 which was Tank's retirement show. I had a blast at the event, and it was great to be in that gym as they honored him. He took on NXT's Matt Riddle in what was his last match as a full-time wrestler, and it was incredible. The match started with a furious rally by Tank that had me thinking for a split-second he was pulling out the victory and moving on to Night 2 of the tournament. Riddle ended up winning the whole thing, and had two of the best matches that weekend (Night 2 was against Gunner Miller).

Anyhow, as I joked the other day on Twitter, Tank has kind of followed the Terry Funk Retirement Plan which is he still wrestles every now and then (no longer full-time though) which is fantastic to me.

Anyhow, all this to say that I've enjoyed watching this guy wrestle since the first time I saw him. Also whether it's at a Scenic City Q&A, or just in passing, he's always been great to us fans.

Basically, I wanted to do this piece as a thank you to him, and also so that people on social media understand why I was sharing these pics. No, he's not Tank Abbott, he's Southeastern Wrestling Legend Tank.

As Dan Wilson said in the introduction at Tank's Scenic City Throwdown, "He's your favorite wrestler's favorite wrestler!"

I think that paints the picture about as clearly as can be.

My son got one too and we both got shirts!
Let's end this with a little action. Here is my favorite part of his match versus AJ Gray at the show below, and I'm glad my dear close personal friend Lane got this angle.

 I grabbed this shot as Tank headed that way!