Monday, October 28, 2019

SAW EXCLUSIVE: AC Mack Defends ACTION And SUP Bonestorm Titles Against Cain Justice

"The Champ" AC Mack
At A Very Merry ACTION Wrestling Christmas on Friday, December 6th in Tyrone, GA, AC Mack will be defending his ACTION Wrestling Title AND the SUP Bonestorm Title against the returning Cain Justice.

The dynamic here is going to be pretty fascinating as the relationship with the majority of ACTION fans, and AC Mack just changed after FOR GOD'S SAKE, KICK OUT!

Love him or hate him going into that event, he stepped up and saved the promotion from Team TAG. Whatever his reasons for doing this were we haven't found out yet, but even I had to drop this apology on Twitter Friday night (much to the confusion of people who weren't at the show).

Cain Justice
As for the challenger, there's no real conflict with how most ACTION fans feel about Cain Justice. He's surly, he's mean, he doesn't have any respect for anyone, and he has to be FIRED UP for the opportunity to get a win over the most decorated champion in the Southeast. Leaving the Roger Spencer Community Center with two prestigious titles has to be quite the motivator.

Here's how I described Cain in a previous entry, [Cain] exudes a surly attitude from the moment he steps in front of the crowd. His talent, however, cannot be denied. Neither can his unique in-ring style.

Another motivating factor for Cain is that he actually won the opportunity back in October 2018 to be in the match that ended up crowning AC Mack the inaugural (and to this point only) ACTION Wrestling Champion. He had to pull out of that match due to an injury, and it is my understanding he's been lobbying for a title shot ever since.

It's going to be one heck of a match, and scene in that building for sure. 

The whole card is shaping up nicely with Dani Jordyn v Savannah Evans, and Manders v Tony Deppen already announced. Having a dual title defense is going to be fantastic, and witnessing this possibly new dynamic between "The Champ" AC Mack, and the ACTION faithful will be really interesting as well.

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