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Monday, September 23, 2019

SAW EXCLUSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT: ACTION Champ AC Mack V Bobby Flaco At Founders Day Festival FREE Show

The Champ AC Mack
South Atlanta Wrestling Dot Com is very happy to be able to bring this EXCLUSIVE match announcement to you.

The ACTION Founders Day FREE Show on October 5th just got another BANGER of a match.

ACTION Wrestling Champion AC Mack will have his hands full with local hero BOBBY FLACO!

AC has had ACTION Wrestling under his control by hook or by crook since becoming the inaugural champion in December 2018 at ACTION Wrestling 5.

AC is also supremely talented so whether you like the attitude or not you absolutely have to respect the skills. 

On the other hand, Bobby Flaco is a guy that has shown ZERO fear as he has ascended the ladder and become a massive fan favorite in the process.  

A highlight of every show he's on is the younger fans joining up with Bobby for a huddle, and the older fans and their Flaco Section.

I'd argue that Bobby's biggest moment so far in this promotion was besting his trainer, AR Fox at ACTION Wrestling 8 at East Coweta HS.

Bobby being a local guy only adds to the appeal, and he's someone I've absolutely enjoyed watching grow as a performer and get bigger opportunities.

The Contender Bobby Flaco
As great a moment as beating AR Fox was the only thing better would be hoisting the ACTION Wrestling Championship over his head on Saturday, October 5th!

I know me and mine will be rooting hard for Bobby, but regardless who you're rooting for this will be a fantastic match.

Thanks for a very helpful reminder I realized that I almost neglected to mention that Bobby also just debuted for EVOLVE in a moment he referred to as "the best night of his life."

The only thing that could sweeten the pot more is if this show was FREE...oh wait it is! 

A free show with the possibility of a fan favorite taking the strap from the brash and cocky AC Mack is just about all you could ask for here.

**South Atlanta Wrestling is proud to be a sponsor of ACTION Wrestling!**