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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Personal Dislike Versus Bad Business

Me And My Son at SDL ATL
One thing that Wrestling Twitter can never seem to completely grasp is that there is a huge difference between disliking something and it being bad business.

You see it all over the place where people claim that anything they do not personally like is a) bad for business and b) obviously means that whichever company they are discussing (often WWE in this scenario) is doomed to fail.

Last night brought a prime example for me personally of something that I do not like, but is absolutely smart business.

It was Brock Lesnar challenging Kofi Kingston for the WWE Title on the Friday Night SmackDown on FOX debut.

I went to ATL's State Farm Arena with my son last night to see this show, and we were FIRED UP about it (aside from my usual angst about having to go do things that sound fun when I bought the tickets).

The opening match was an absolute hoot as ATL loves The New Day, and Randy Orton & The Revival worked the crowd like you would not believe. The heat that trio got was tremendous, and it was another example of Orton understanding his role better than many do.

Anyhow, the match ended with a victorious New Day and then it happened...

Brock Lesnar's music hit.

In the past I would have told you that it's impressive to see how the mood changes when Lesnar's in the building. For me, that wasn't the case last night. The mood may have changed, but I didn't get swept up in it. I felt 100% indifferent.

I'm tired of Lesnar, and I'm tired of Paul Heyman and that's OK.

This isn't really about how I feel about them though. The important thing to know here is that while I am not personally FIRED UP for this match I can full acknowledge that this is incredibly smart business.

Really that's what this is about for me. I wish more people could be honest with themselves and understand that personal preference is one thing, and smart business is another. 

It is great when they overlap, but sometimes they don't. When it doesn't just try to keep it in perspective, and don't be a so dramatic about it.