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Friday, September 27, 2019

ACTION Wrestling Profile: AC Mack

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Earlier today I ran a bit that I thought up a week ago in honor of AC Mack's birthday. Once I realized some folks may actually want a real look at the "Mack Of All Trades" I thought it would be nice to follow the joke post up with a real one.

I ran this idea by Norko, and he liked it as well so here's my honest to goodness thoughts on AC Mack.

Like many talents on the indie scene I had heard of AC a good while before I actually saw him. Since my memory is notoriously bad about this stuff, I verified with Norko that the first show we saw him at was the Scenic City Rumble 2018.

I touched on that performance when ACTION Wrestling announced Joey Lynch v AC Mack on their inaugural show in what was the first ACTION match ever.
Quick thoughts on this, AC Mack was an absolute highlight of Scenic City Rumble 2018 for me. I had heard the name, but had not seen him until then. He was fantastic that night, and I am sure he'll bring that entertainment value to Tyrone.
The thing about AC Mack is that I feel he gets sold short for his ring work a little bit because the first thing you want to tell people about him is how great he is on the mic.

Scenic City Rumble 2018 was a perfect example of that. He came out, ran his mouth (as a self-proclaimed Loud Mouth will do), and got tossed moments later.  It was absolutely perfect, and the crowd ate it up.

That moment instantly made me a fan. Out of a bunch of good stuff on that show he was the highlight basically because he irritated the crowd, and immediate "got his."

He gets being and embraces being a bad guy in ways that some others don't. To me, he doesn't come off as try-hard who is going do to a bunch of hackneyed "You live in your mom's basement" stuff.

An aspect of that is that he has some of the best facial expressions in the business. You can look at him and know exactly what he is trying to convey, but it never feels like he's playing a character.  It's all very natural, and most importantly believable.

All of this isn't to say that he is a slouch in the ring. He's not, but what I will say is that even if he couldn't wrestle a lick it wouldn't matter because he's got everything else down so absolutely perfectly.

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As a card carrying member of the South Atlanta Wrestling Dot Com's Anti-AC Mack Brigade I don't really like stepping out of our routine to discuss "The Champ" like this, but he is a tremendous talent and everyone needs to know that.

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