Monday, August 19, 2019

WWE King Of The Ring 2019 Predictions

I never do predictions, I don't like doing predictions, but I'm doing one right now because someone suggested it on Twitter.

Download and print your own bracket on WWE's site!

The file didn't come out as easy to read as I would like, but here's my predictions below.


  • Cesaro v Samoa Joe - Tempted to go Cesaro here, but I think Joe gets the nod. Don't feel great about this prediction though with Cesaro looking like a project on Raw that may get some attention.

  • Ricochet v Drew McIntyre - I could see either winning the whole thing, but I think they want to give Drew some shine so he moves on via nefarious means.

  • Cedric Alexander v Sami Zayn - I just don't see moving Sami out of the first round or doing Sami v Corbin or McIntyre (as I have Corbin beating The Miz) so Cedric who is another project on Raw moves on.

  • The Miz v Baron Corbin - Baron Corbin is another guy I could see winning this whole thing if he hadn't been overexposed on those bad Raws so badly. I think he moves on to lose to Cedric Alexander.


  • Kevin Owens v Elias - Elias is yet another guy I could see having a fun run as king, but I'm going with him here because I think KO is getting cheated by Shane O'Mac. Whether KO losing is a good idea or not at this point is debatable, but I think it's happening.

  • Ali v Buddy Murphy - This may have been the toughest to pick, but Buddy's involvement in the Roman Reigns storyline gives him the nod. I have a good feeling Ali is getting the W to take on Elias though. My official pick is Buddy Murphy though.

  • Chad Gable v Shelton Benjamin - Chad Gable gets the win here. No idea if they'll go through what they've discussed with him (that whole Shorty G deal that's been rumored), but I can't see Shelton moving out of the first round.

  • Apollo Crews v Andrade - This is the one I feel most confident about. Andrade is winning this whole thing so he's beating a game Apollo Crews.


  • Samoa Joe v Drew McIntyre - I think they'll want to move Drew on past the second round more than Joe, and setup another match with Cedric Alexander.

  • Cedric Alexander v Baron Corbin - As I mentioned above, I think another round of Drew v Cedric is in play, and I think Baron is going to lay low for a while.

  • Elias v Buddy Murphy - Elias moves on, but I'm not sure they really want do do Andrade v Elias after that. Elias is my pick though.

  • Chad Gable v Andrade - Andrade is my pick to win the whole thing so he moves on.


  • Drew McIntyre v Cedric Alexander - Again, I think Andrade is winning the whole thing so I think he beats a face in the finals. Getting to the finals gives Cedric enough shine (especially if there are shenanigans) to continue to make him "a thing" on Raw.

  • Andrade v Elias - Kevin Owens probably costs Elias the match if he gets this far.

  • Cedric Alexander v Andrade - Andrade is your 2019 King of the Ring although Cedric probably only loses due to outside interference by Zelina Vega.