Monday, August 5, 2019

Scenic City Invitational 2019 Night One Thoughts

If you've ever paid attention to me or this site before you will already know this, but any new readers need to be told. This piece will not be a report or review of the matches or the shows. There are way too many people who do that better than me, and I will link to some Georgia Wrestling History reports at the bottom of this piece.

This series is going to basically be a look at some random thoughts and takeaways from this weekend. Most will be about the shows themselves, but I'm also going to touch on the entire SCI phenomenon and the other events that were held at the Best Western Heritage Inn.

Also I was not able to get in town early enough for the Crux event, and did not make the trip up to SUP in Nashville either.

With all that out of the way, let's get started with Part 1 Scenic City Invitational 2019 Night One Thoughts.

Scenic City Night One

  • B-Boy was a guy that I wasn't familiar with at all and I ended up really appreciating over the course of the weekend. One cool aspect about how close the wrestlers and fans are at this event is I got to take 30 seconds in passing to let him know that.

  • Kevin Ku is a guy that I came out of SCI Weekend 2018 being a HUGE fan of and this weekend helped confirm this for me (not that I had any doubt about it). His intensity is fantastic, and his teaming with Dominic Garrini as Violence Is Forever on the Futures show the next day was a great surprise.

    The See Nick Iggy Invitational tights were great that Nick Iggy wore, and seeing any of The Carnies is always a good time.

  • With his signing to AEW, it was great to see Marko Stunt in this setting one more time. Futures 2018 introduced me to him, and I immediately bought-in.

  • O'Shay Edwards v JD Drake was the kind of HOSS FIGHT I can absolutely appreciate. O'Shay is a great dude who I can comfortably say we are all rooting for. 

    JD Drake is not someone I know on any level, but I have legitimately enjoyed every match I've seen him in. A big guy with a unique look who can move and projects a surly attitude. Can't ask for much more than that.

  • Matt Tremont is another name I knew, but wasn't familiar with. Him and Brett Ison (who I'm a big fan of from seeing him a limited number of times) delivered a hard-hitting match like you'd expect.

  • Jaden Newman becoming A Thing has been really incredible to watch as that crowd ADORES him.

  • Daniel Makabe v Tony Deppen was a match between two guys that my friends were all excited about and I didn't know why. I told Dylan Hales after the show that I initially thought they had lost their minds with his match until all of the sudden the match was incredible.

    Makabe has a fascinating presence. His theme song is eerie, and then he goes out there and does some of the slickest mat wrestling and holds you will ever see. Everything about him works once you "get it." I really dug his ring gear as he wore custom soccer jerseys with his name on the back with his trunks. Very cool look, very real presence, and a may take a moment, but he will get you to buy in at some point.

  • Joey Lynch v Anthony Henry was nuts, and the only thing that hampered it were some audio issues. Due to those issues it wasn't clear to us in the building that the match's time was winding down. Ring announcer Scott Hensley had been announcing times in 5 minute intervals through the whole show so not having that happen halfway through a match that ended up in a time limit draw was a horrible piece of luck for the SCI folks.

  • You may have noticed that I did not mention AC Mack. That is for good reason. AC was quite literally the MVP of the weekend, but I'm going to touch on that on that in a later piece in this series.

As promised here are some links from Georgia Wrestling History if you're looking for more of a straight-up recap/report.