Monday, August 26, 2019

King Of The Ring 2019 Thoughts

The 2019 King Of The Ring tournament is underway, and while I already made my predictions a friend on Twitter (@TheJamesLethal) asked the following the other day.

It seems to me that the "King" title can lead to some interesting stuff, but not necessarily so. The biggest thing for me is that it's typically used in one of two ways. Either you can have a winner like say Ali or Ricochet would could get a bump simply by having won the tournament and the title of "King" OR you really lean in to the king aspect of it and have someone who can go ridiculously over-the-top with it like King Booker did. As an aside, King Booker absolutely ruled regardless what one of the inferior Dave's floated on Twitter the other day.

Backing up a bit, his first question was "What do you think about the King Of The Ring tournament being brought back in 2019?"

I am ALL FOR IT. Something like this "made for non-PPV TV tournament" can give Raw and SmackDown some focus that these shows may otherwise lack. Special events like this also add a little pizazz to what could be viewed as "just another Raw (or SmackDown)."

Back to how it should look, it absolutely depends on the winner. Looking at the field and guys who I think have a legit shot to take the crown I'd say this:

  • Ali/Buddy Murphy/Cedric Alexander/Ricochet - You don't lean into the king aspect, but it's used as a nice way to bump him up the card a bit and differentiate him from other guys who are similarly situated. 

  • Elias - This guy gets the heavily comical run as King. I mean he's going ALL OUT with the concept that he's royalty. Goofy costumes, airbrushed guitars...the WHOLE NINE as they might say. Something like you got with with the early Kings (Harley Race, Haku, Macho Man), but just more of a sideshow humorous deal.

  • Andrade/Drew McIntyre - A subdued version of what you have with Elias, but used in a way to push them up the card more forcefully. In their current state it could be used to either get the train a rollin' (Andrade) or restart a stalled push (Drew).

    Both would probably lean on the idea of being wrestling royalty a bit, but it won't look as comical as an Elias situation and they'd be bettter off for having that feather in the cap. Not so much of the sideshow element.
  • Baron Corbin - I don't think he's winning it, but I'm going to mention him simply because I think he kind of fits between Elias and Andrade/Drew. For him the primary benefit is that he gets to add another title to his ridiculous introduction.

For the last question, "Will it work to make a star like it used to?" I'd say it totally depends as it relates to how I have it laid out above.

If a guy is on the border then sure it may help get him over the hump or more likely it might kind of start that momentum up the card. In and of itself, I don't think winning the tournament can "make" anyone just like winning a title couldn't either, but it certainly can help the process along.

No matter how it shakes out, I think the tournament and filling out my brackets is a lot of fun. That alone makes it worth it.