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Monday, August 19, 2019

ACTION Wrestling 10 Results And Review

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If you just want the results themselves you may want to check out Norko's Quick ACTION Wrestling 10 Results 8/16/2019 for that.

Rob Brodhecker with Georgia Wrestling History also posted an ACTION Wrestling Report from Tyrone on August 16.

With that little bit of housekeeping out of the way, let's jump right into what many have called ACTION Wrestling's best show to date!

  1. Alan Angels v James Bandy - Interesting match to start the show with as these guys had a bit of a role reversal at the last show.

    James Bandy is a guy I had often referred to as "ACTION's Hometown Hero," but apparently the way he had the ACTION Wrestling Championship snatched from him at ACTION Wrestling 8 caused him to change his demeanor a bit.

    At the last show he attacked Tommy Maserati while the WWA4 wrestling school crew was paying their respects to him. Angels didn't like it, and here we are with a newly beloved Alan Angels, and a despised James Bandy.

    These two got the show started off hot, and the crowd really enjoyed seeing Angels in a new light, AND him defeating Bandy in light of his recent actions mentioned above.

    (Angels wins)

  2. Team TAG (Kevin Blue/Chris Spectra) v Matt Sells and Kavron Kanyon - Kavron Kanyon was here in place of the advertised Cabana Man Dan.

    When I say the crowd was HOT for Matt Sells, it really doesn't do it justice. That dude, who has yet to record a victory in 2019 in ACTION or anywhere could not be more embraced by a crowd than he was in Tyrone, GA. There was a whole Matt Sells Section even, it was insane!

    Now on the flip side of that you have two of the most loathed ACTION stars in Team TAG's Kevin Blue, and Chris Spectra. They are supremely talented, but also supremely antagonistic toward their opponents and the crowd.

    While Team TAG gets the W, I think it is important to note that Sells and Kanyon gave them way more than they bargained for because at the beginning of the match I heard Blue say he was relieved that Cabana Man Dan wasn't there (not eating any Flip-Flop Chops), and that it would be an easy night.

    The crowd was ALL IN on this one due to how much they love Sells, and hate Team TAG too.

    (Team TAG wins)

  3. Benjamin Carter v "The Captain" Shawn Dean - This match was something else. Benjamin Carter is a guy I've wanted to see in ACTION, and Shawn Dean is a guy that ACTION is familiar with. Both have a high-flying style, and neither disappointed on this night. This match is in the conversation for hottest match of the night based on some of the crazy dives by both guys. Even in a loss, Carter endeared himself to the ACTION crowd who definitely wants to see him again.

    ("The Captain" Shawn Dean wins)

  4. "The Cornbelt Cowboy" Manders v AJ Gray - This was a match I was hyped for as I wanted to see how the ACTION crowd reacted to the 1 Called Manders. The crowd seemed to dig him (my son got to hold his hat for the match!), and him and AJ Gray had the HOSS FIGHT you'd expect from them. Trading heavy shots, and high-impact moves was how this went down.

    AJ Gray ultimately welcomed Manders to ACTION with a devastating powerbomb, but the crowd enthusiastically asked to see "The Cornbelt Cowboy" Manders again down the road.

    (AJ Gray wins)

  5. Arik Royal v Logan Stunt - "The Bite-Sized Brawler" Logan Stunt will bring the fight to anybody even someone as BIG, MEAN, and NASTY as "The Ace" Arik Royal.

    The ACTION crowd has not seen Arik since ACTION Wrestling 7 where Fred Yehi got the victory with a help of a pair of pliers to a very sensitive area, but Arik has not changed a bit. Just as arrogant as ever, and every bit the disdain for the crowd that you would expect.

    Unfortunately, due to the JERKS known as Team TAG we did not get a winner here. They attacked Logan Stunt. Logan's brother Marko Stunt came out for the save, and then "The CEO" Matt Griffin did his signature dive on Team TAG. The crowd ate it up! This led to the the next match.

    (No Contest or a DQ of Arik Royal I need to check on that little detail. Norko and I believe it to have been ruled a No Contest)

  6. Team TAG's Billy Buck v Marko Stunt - This was a rematch from Scenic City Invitational Weekend 2019, and even in the Chattanooga, TN area The CEO had to get involved.

    W E L L we had a similar situation break loose here as Billy Buck tried to use a chair on Marko, but was once again thwarted by ACTION CEO Matt Griffin.

    Due to Marko's popularity, and how much the ACTION crowd despises Billy Buck and the rest of Team TAG this was a HOT one. It got ratcheted up when Griffin got involved, and it was nice to be there to big Mark farewell.

    (Marko Stunt wins)

  7. Liam Gray v Bobby Flaco - The crowd loves Bobby, and was unfamiliar with Liam (aside from Norko screaming LOUDLY for him), but the generally liked him as well. That was until Bobby appeared to injure or re-injure his shoulder and Liam POUNCED on it.

    Bobby Flaco toughed it out for the victory without using the injured arm down the stretch.

    Bobby is a guy with ties to ACTION's home area, and it's been a pleasure watching him grow here. I expect BIG things from him in the future in ACTION and elsewhere. Liam Gray was also as good as advertised.

    (Bobby Flaco wins)

  8. Erick Stevens v Fred Yehi - Was looking forward to this one because I look forward to all Fred Yehi matches, and I wanted to see what Erick Stevens was all about.

    Stevens brought it in the ring for sure, and the crowd enthusiastically backed Fred like you'd imagine. Two things of note in this one was a dive Stevens did that forced Fred into the stage where production resides which looked like it murdered Fred's back.

    The second thing was I recall thinking that Fred Yehi may be one of the meanest babyfaces you'll see on this scene. Savageweight is an apt name for him.

    (Fred Yehi wins)

  9. ACTION Wrestling Champion AC Mack defends against Slim J - This was every bit as hot as I'd imagine it would be. It's pretty easy to figure really because either Georgia legend Slim J walks away with the ACTION Championship OR AC Mack uses one of his patented shortcuts to hang on to "Alice" (that's what he calls the ACTION Wrestling belt). Now I should add that AC Mack can absolutely get it done without those shortcuts and has done it before, but my gut told me that we were getting one of those two outcomes and my gut was NOT wrong.

    Slim J was able to survive a casual kick right in the junk while the ref wasn't looking, and even a roll up with a handful of tights, but a shot to the throat and a Mack 10 sealed his fate.

    While Mack's music plays, and Slim J exits the ring there's a melee coming from my right through the crowd and it is Team TAG brawling with "The CEO" Matt Griffin. As he was outmatched 3 to 1, The CEO definitely got the worst of this one and Team TAG promised there would be more if he continued to involve himself in their business.

    Once a group of faces emerged from the locker room to run those JERKS off, The CEO was able to compose himself and point out that even though he's retired from wrestling he has not retired from fighting.

    It sounds like the FREE show on Saturday, October 5, 2019 as part of the Tyrone Founders Day Festival 2019 is going to feature a continuation of The CEO v Team TAG saga, and honestly I cannot wait.

    (AC Mack wins and is still ACTION Wrestling Champion)

This was a hot show, and like I said above I heard several mention they thought it was the best show in ACTION's history. I would also be remiss if I didn't mention that South Atlanta Wrestling Dot Com's Norko sat-in on commentary with Dylan Hales for the Team TAG v Sells/Kanyon, and AC Mack v Slim J matches.

Congratulations to him for that, and that gives me even a bigger reason to check out this on IWTV*  when it drops soon.

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ACTION Wrestling will return for the aforementioned FREE show on Saturday, October 5, 2019 AND ACTION Wrestling 11 on Friday, October 25, 2019.

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