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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

ACTION Wrestling 10 Preview

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Friday, August 16, 2019 

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Place: Roger Spencer Community Center (the usual place)

Address: 145 Commerce Dr, Tyrone, GA 30290

Doors: 6:30 PM

Belltime: 7:30 PM

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Ticket Prices: Start at $10 (Reserved seating is more as available) 

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  • ACTION Wrestling Champion AC Mack defends against Slim J! - As the Official ACTION Wrestling Twitter account (@WrestleACTION1) pointed out, both these guys had an excellent shot at winning the 2019 Scenic City Invitational, and now they are battling over the ACTION Wrestling Championship.

    Slim J has been doing his thing since the early-2000s, and at this point is a guy I consider a Georgia indie legend. People sometimes forget that he can handle himself on the technical wrestling aspect as well as brawling, and high-flying.

    AC Mack's story is a little different because he hasn't been around nearly as long, but he's also tremendously accomplished for someone who has been in the business for less than five years. Love him or hate him, you have to respect his abilities.

    The ACTION Wrestling Champion, AC Mack is going to have a task ahead of him if he wants to still hold that title coming out of ACTION Wrestling 10, but he's answered the challenge before (even if bending the rules is occasionally necessary).

    This will be a HOT one, and I know the crowd in Tyrone, GA is looking forward to it.

  • Fred Yehi v Erick Stevens - Speaking of looking forward to it, Tyrone LOVES Fred Yehi. The crowd is ALWAYS in Fred's corner, and it's quite the sight to see. He's taking on a guy who is making his first appearance in ACTION, Erick Stevens.

    I'm excited about seeing Stevens because I never have before, but in looking him up I know he's appeared in Ring Of Honor and had retired at one point. He's back now, and it's going to be a really cool opportunity for me to see what he's all about.

  • Team TAG's Billy Buck v Mark Stunt in Marko's final ACTION match before heading off to All Elite Wrestling (AEW)! Prepare yourself for this one with Marko's theme song!! - This is similar to Mack v Slim J in that you've got two people that the ACTION fans have completely different reactions too, but it's probably even more extreme.

    Billy Buck and Team TAG are despised by the ACTION faithful whereas Marko (and his brother Logan who has made a couple of appearances) have been embraced by them.

    This one will be bittersweet as it is the last time the ACTION crowd will get to see Marko Stunt before he goes exclusive to All Elite Wrestling (AEW). It is very likely to be the last time I get to see Marko in an independent wrestling environment in general. It's been a lot of fun watching that guy blow up to where he is now, and I certainly hope he he can take it to Billy Buck at this show.

  • Bobby Flaco v Liam Gray - On one hand you've got a guy that the ACTION crowd has really embraced and seen grow since the promotion's inception in Bobby Flaco. He's taking on a highly-regarded new face to ACTION in Liam Gray. I've heard nothing but good things about Gray, and am excited to see him live. I believe this would be my first time, but my memory is notoriously hazy on things like that.  I'm guessing these two put on an exhibition. 

  • James Bandy v Alan Angels - Speaking of guys that ACTION fans embraced, we have James Bandy here. Problem is that at the last show Bandy attacked Tommy Maserati, and the crowd didn't care much for that.

    OTOH Alan Angels has been a guy that the crowd here could not stand because of his "bad attitude," but I feel like that's going to change at this show. Angels attitude has improved from what I saw at Scenic City Weekend, and of course he is supremely talented.

    It's going to be interesting to see how the crowd reacts to these two with the sudden shift that happened at the last show. I don't think they'll care much for James Bandy's new "it's just business" personality, that's for sure!

  • SCI Futures 2019 Champion "Cornbelt Cowboy" Steve Manders v AJ Gray - AJ Gray is always up for a HOSS FIGHT, and Steve "1 Called" Manders is going to give him that.

    For years, Dad has said we need more cowboys in wrestling, and the Cornbelt Cowboy is exactly what he was talking about. This dude is another one of those "the first time I saw him I was sold" type talents, and him and AJ Gray will brawl like you wouldn't believe. I am fairly certain that win, lose, or draw Manders will impress the Tyrone, GA crowd.

  • Team TAG (Kevin Blue, and Chris Spectra) v Cabana Man Dan, and Matt Sells) - This one is as simple as two of the biggest JERKS in ACTION Wrestling (Team TAG) taking on two of the most popular guys that come through. Matt Sells is still 0 for the year 2019 so we'll see if he can get that elusive first win alongside CMD at this show.

  • Benjamin Carter v "The Captain" Shawn Dean - Both of these dudes can FLY. Biggest difference is the ACTION audience has seen "The Captain" do it, but has not gotten the opportunity to see Benjamin Carter yet. This should be a wild one because there's no telling what these guys may pull out tonight.

  • "The Bite Sized Brawler" Logan Stunt v Arik Royal - Arik Royal is BACK after  his run-in with some pliers and Fred Yehi at the Sandy Creek HS show (ACTION Wrestling 7). It sounds cliche, but it's a true David v Goliath situation when you look at the physical stature of these two guys, but Logan will bring the fight to Arik without a doubt.

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