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Thursday, July 18, 2019

WWE's The Club Should Become The nWo

Photo Credit: Brands Of The World
I've been banging this drum for a few weeks now as AJ Styles has joined back up with old Club (WWE), and Bullet Club (NJPW) buddies, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson, but I really believe they should rename that group the nWo.

Specifally, I like using The Club's colors and referring to them occasionally as nWo: Black & Blue (you know, like a bruise).

Why? There's several reasons, but the biggest one for me is merchandising.

When I floated this idea a friend on Twitter asked me something like, "Why would you replace something new to go back to something 20 years old?"

That is an entirely fair question.

My take is two-fold: People LOVE nostalgia, and nWo merch would outsell The Club merch by a wide margin.

By coming up with the new blue logo (I modified the black and white one I found on Brands of the World) you'll be able to sell entirely new nWo shirts to a new generation AND I'd hazard a guess it would drive up the nostalgia factor of the old nWo and nWo Wolfpac gear (I own new versions of both of those shirts as-is).

It's not just shirts either. This opens the door to exciting new figures from Mattel who already makes nWo figures. Now you get nWo Black & Blue versions of Styles, Gallows, and Anderson for example. From a personal standpoint, those figures would look fantastic on my wall, and I would be far more likely to buy them than The Club versions of those figures.

Furthermore, the Bullet Club is a spin-off of the nWo anyway, and the Balor Club version has even interacted with the nWo (and DX) at Raw 25. The Two Sweet is something we've seen on WWE TV a ton now from The Kliq, nWo guys, and the two different versions of The Club.

The Club billing has always come off as a weak imitation of the Bullet Club so with WWE owning the rights to the nWo, I think it is the perfect time for AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows to lay claim to what they've been paying homage to for all these years.

I also think that you do have to add some members (you don't want to go full WCW bloat with it), but have some mystery about whether Finn Balor will join his old running buddies. You also open the door to one of those classic moments where you think someone like Ricochet is about to get some help only to find out his rescuer is aligning themselves with the nWo.

Do I think they will do this? Nope, not at all, but I will forever maintain that in 2019 nWo >>>> The Club.

Are these the ramblings of a 41 year old, lifelong wrestling fan who just wants to relive one of the more exciting times in his fandom? That's also possible.