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Friday, July 26, 2019

Who Should Beat Kofi For The WWE Title? Randall Keith Orton

Here's the truth of the matter about Kofi Kingston, and KOFIMANIA. There is almost a 0% chance that the WWE Universe is going to be happy with how his incredible WWE Title reign ends.

I personally put zero stock into the idea of  Big E turn (although he strikes me as a future top singles champ at some point).

Whoever takes the strap from Kofi has got to be someone who is built to withstand the blowback of Kofi's reign ending.

In my mind, there is one perfectly suited for it...

Randy Orton

The main reason is that this situation reminds me of WWE having Roman Reigns be the guy to "retire" Undertaker at WrestleMania 33. As tempting as it is to say that you give that spot to some up-and-coming top heel (no idea who that would have been at the time) I think you run a real risk of having crowds just absolutely turn on that individual for a long time.

When I say "turn on" I mean in the way that Baron Corbin is treated by a lot of folks. I see the rhetoric all the time, they don't want to boo Corbin, they just want him gone.

*By the way I think Corbin is an excellent heel and they did him a huge disservice by featuring him so heavily on a real bad time for Raw.*

Due to the nature of the Reigns thing in WWE, and the fact that he was firmly installed at the top of the card he was able to withstand the heat of putting Taker out (we thought). They even created this little bit of magic on Raw based off of it.

Orton also has such an aura of credibility where there's no question that he's a guy that's believable enough to beat Kofi. Dude is a future WWE Hall Of Famer, and not just in a "Let's pay our respects to this guy we got a kick out of" way. If the WWE Hall Of Fame was a "legitimate hall of fame" whatever that means, Randy Orton would be a first-ballot guy.

Another important piece of this is that Randy Orton should ABSOLUTELY NOT beat Kofi at SummerSlam for the title. Based on how that segment went on SmackDown LIVE, I would have Kofi leave victorious at SummerSlam and have Orton take the belt from him at the next PPV or somewhere else down the road.

It is important to put that out there because when I mentioned this on Twitter I think a lot of people thought I was advocating for that, and I wasn't. Even those who knew I wasn't advocating for that often responded with a "Yes, but not at SummerSlam."

I think that's completely fair. Orton, to me, is the right guy for the job though. I'm just not sure when.