Wednesday, July 10, 2019

THIS Kevin Owens May Work

It has been widely documented on here, and on Twitter that I am not a HUGE Kevin Owens fan. I'm not going to get into all of that right now, but this piece touches on my issues as well as my desire to see him get a great face run in WWE. While I was disappointed in his turn on Kofi Kingston so soon after his return it looks like WWE hit a home run last night with Kevin Owens.

The segment embedded above is the best example of it in my opinion, but I would also recommend checking out the opening brawl with Dolph Ziggler as well as his surprise involvement in the main event.

While I will say I'm not a huge fan of the "voice of the voiceless" deal they are doing where he goes to bat for deserving talents in a promo that caters to the internet fans, I do like the fire and I am WAY more excited to see this guy on my TV.

Part of it is simply, "I have seen enough of the old Kevin Owens." That guy was interesting in NXT, when he first came up and battled John Cena, and the Festival of Friendship turn.

That's not all of it though, Kevin Owens from all I know of him is a legitimately likable family man, and while this iteration of "face Owens" may not lean on that like his return videos did he certainly projects as a good dude. A true babyface who is sick of the way Shane McMahon and his cronies, and WWE brass is treating deserving talents.

Like with Jon Moxley, I will only time will tell if the things that annoy me about him are truly gone, but as of right now I am FIRED UP for Kevin Owens in a way I couldn't have imagined pre-injury.