Friday, July 5, 2019

Shane McMahon: WWE Champion?

There has been a lot of chatter about the possibility of Shane McMahon becoming WWE Champion over the last month or so.

Specifically looking at Shane O' Mac defeating the wildly popular Kofi Kingston to become WWE Champion.

Much like anything on Twitter, the responses were varied and extreme.

Some, like myself, think it's kind of the natural progression of the story being told AND I have no problem with that story.

Others think it's an utterly offensive and contemptible idea as Shane is not worthy of holding that title.

If you want the case against this move, I'd recommend you login to Twitter or a variety of opinion pieces on wrestling news sites.  As for South Atlanta Wrestling Dot Com, I am going to tell you why this is a) a good thing and b) absolutely should happen.

The easiest and quickest explanation is that Shane McMahon: WWE Champion is the natural progression to the absolutely absurd Shane story. You've got a guy who was born on third and thinks he hit a triple, has his assortment of allies helping him every step of the way, and pretends to or delusionaly believes that he belongs with the big dogs or The Big Dog even.

For instance, his victory over Roman Reigns at Super ShowDown (2019) was directly attributed to Drew McIntyre's interference, but like any good heel Shane took to TV and crowed about how he beat Reigns.

Early in the Shane v Roman program, you saw this same thing come to pass as Elias attacked Roman to help him. Just after that attack, Shane is shown telling Elias they need to get out of there because he knows he does not want to tangle with an angry Reigns.

That's the kind of guy Shane is, but since he's been propped up by people like Drew McIntyre, and Elias you've got this scenario where his delusions are only growing.

To me, the perfect way to end this arc is for Shane to take the title from Kofi, and then finally be humbled by losing it either back to Kofi or someone like Reigns.

How do you get there? I'm not really 100% sure on that as I am no fantasy booker, but you either have him get a win similar to the one he got over Reigns at Super ShowDown OR you have him abuse his authority and grant himself a match against Kofi after a title defense or something like that. It would be akin to a Money In The Bank cash-in against a tired champion.

While I've often argued that "Shane is legitimate enough" that I don't look at everything he does through the "It's stupid that the boss's son is winning matches" lens, there absolutely is that aspect to him and you can't really have him beating guys like Reigns and Kofi fair-and-square.

He's a delusional heel that is going to use his army to finally take the WWE Title, and I have no problem with that.

Many do though, and I will say that the IDEAL usage of Shane McMahon would be in a Bobby Heenan managerial role where his "Heenan Family" was constantly tormenting the top faces of the day. That's not how WWE has approached it to this point though and they have allowed Shane to do his share of the heavy lifting so at at this point I say, "Go ahead and strap him."

Him winning the title wouldn't bother me at all, and would be the perfect culmination of this absurd ride we've been on. How he loses it is my only concern. It would have to be satisfying, decisive, and happen pretty quickly.

In the meantime though, I'd be FIRED UP about seeing the celebration we'd get on Raw or SmackDown LIVE for Shane McMahon's WWE Title victory.

Shane McMahon as WWE Champion just makes sense, y'all.