Wednesday, July 24, 2019

AEW On TNT Starts Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Personally, I'd be more fired up about this if I liked more of the personalities involved,* but I'm definitely going to give this a look.

They've got an opportunity to do something really cool, and I hope they make the most of it.

*So I'm not being vague Kenny Omega, and the Young Bucks do very little to nothing for me. People love them, and I don't get it, but that's how opinions work. Cody who I like the best out of the main bunch even runs hot and cold with me. Sometimes I think he comes off really well, and sometimes he comes off as a try-hard.

We'll see how this goes in due time though. I plan on giving it at least three months or so before I figure out if it's something I intend to stick with.

One thing I can promise y'all is that I won't sit around and hate watch anything. If it's not doing it for me, I'll ignore it like I started doing with TNA/IMPACT Wrestling years ago.

Life's too short for that nonsense.

Upon further though, I'd like to add...Even if I somehow end up HATING AEW, I'm glad it's going to open up more opportunities for wrestlers that deserve a bigger platform.