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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

One Issue With WWE Programming And Super ShowDown

Years ago when I still paid attention to TNA/IMPACT I noted that their shows felt inauthentic or that it was like someone playing wrestling on TV.

It dawned on me last night that one on-screen issue* with WWE Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia is similar. WWE SSD feels like it's shoehorned into their schedule (probably is really!), and it the build for that show typically feels very force, unnatural, and...inauthentic.

The only exception to this for me is how they've weaved the Shane McMahon v Roman Reigns story through Money In The Bank (Roman v Elias) to Super ShowDown (Roman v Shane) and after that Stomping Grounds (Roman v Drew McIntyre).

Having Elias and Drew attached to Shane has helped make the overarching Shane v Roman thing feel much more natural than just about anything else attached to Super ShowDown.

That's not to say I don't like some of it because I am ALL IN on Undertaker v Goldberg for example, and the end of SmackDown LIVE drove that point home. That's the kind of spectacle I can appreciate in professional wrestling, and Goldberg has been awesome in his second stint with WWE.

The whole card is pretty interesting to me aside from Dolph Ziggler getting a WWE Title shot (which interrupts the much more interesting and natural KO v Kofi story).

Interesting matches isn't really the issue for me. The Super ShowDown thing just feels like an alternate reality event that is forced into WWE's actual reality. It makes the TV surrounding it extremely odd.

*I use that phrase to illustrate that this piece is NOT about the off screen problematic issues surrounding this show.