Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Mattel WWE Elite Series 69

Photo Credit: RSC
Mattel's WWE Elite 69 is a nice looking series. It has a figure in it that is 100% must-have for me.

Here's the lineup:
Out of those that Ciampa figure is an absolute must-have. That has got to be one of my absolute favorite figures in the last few years.

The whole set is really cool, but Ciampa may be my only purchase. The Ali and Ricochet figures as seen loose here are great. I really dig the tats on Ricochet for example. Ali has a great attire, but masks like his entrance mask never seem to translate to figures as well as you'd hope.

The Bobby Lashley figure is really sharp as well (nice headband Bob), and while they aren't as unique or whatever the term is that I am struggling to find, The Miz and Mysterio figures are solid as well.

Great set even if I'm only buying one, Mattel is doing quality work.