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Friday, June 21, 2019

ACTION Wrestling 9 Is TODAY!

Kody Wynne Designs
Date: TODAY! (Friday, June 21, 2019)

Place: Roger Spencer Community Center (the usual place)

Address: 145 Commerce Dr, Tyrone, GA 30290

Benefits: Advo-Kids CASA!

Doors: 6:30 PM

Belltime: 7:30 PM

Tickets: or

Ticket Prices: Start at $10 (Reserved seating is more as available) 

Facebook Event

Card (Subject to Change and Continually Updated)

  • ACTION Wrestling Champion AC Mack defends against "Lone Star" Curt Stallion - I can't promise that AC Mack will drop "Alice" (his name for the ACTION Wrestling Title) but I can promise that this will be a hard-hitting affair! Curt Stallion knows no other way.

  • "The CEO" Matt Griffin v Team TAG's Billy Buck - The brash Billy Buck will get punched IN THE FACE by ACTION CEO Matt Griffin, and the crowd will love it. Don't underestimate Billy though, he's as legit as they come despite how we feel about his attitude or running buddies.

  • Marko and Logan Stunt v Team TAG's Chris Spectra and Kevin Blue - Speaking of Billy Buck's running buddies, you've got a big clash of personalities between the wildly popular Stunt Brothers against the supremely arrogant Kevin Blue, and surly Chris Spectra.

  • Alan Angels v Tommy Maserati (SAW Exclusively Announced) - Former partners face off in what may very well be Tommy Maserati's last match. Check out Tommy Maserati's Last Stand, and Alan Angels' response for more.

  • AJ Gray v Slim J - This very well could be a MOTN (Match Of The Night) contender. Both guys can GO, and the ACTION crowd likes both. Slim J is a Georgia Indie Legend at this point in my mind, and AJ Gray never disappoints.

  • Fred Yehi v Michael Marshall (Watts Rules? Awaiting confirmation) - Even if this is Watts Rules, I'm not sure that helps Marshall. Fred Yehi can certainly brawl, but there's no one more comfortable with taking the action to the mat than Fred. The crowd loves Fred as much as they hate Marshall. Should be a fun one.

  • Bobby Flaco v James Bandy (TWBP Exclusively Announced) - I've called James Bandy ACTION's Hometown Hero, and I was quite disappointed how his title shot turned out at ECHS (ACTION 8). Flaco is a guy with ties to this area as well, and it's been an absolute joy to watch him gain momentum and climb the ladder in this promotion.

  • Cabana Man Dan v Cain Justice (SAW Exclusively Announced) - Full write up linked there, but another fantastic clash of attitudes.

    Corey Hollis is on the poster, but will unfortunately be unable to appear due to injury.

**South Atlanta Wrestling Dot Com is proud to be a sponsor of ACTION Wrestling 9**