Saturday, May 18, 2019

Twitter Poll: Favorite Patrick Swayze Film Results

I love Point Break, but Road House is my favorite so I was pleased to see it win.

As far as the Other category, I got a lot of Ghost, Red Dawn, and The Outsiders. All good films.

To me, Road House is the perfect popcorn flick. Sam Elliott and Swayze are a great team. The villains are really detestable sleaze bags led by Ben Gazzara. Wrestling legend Terry Funk showing up is a nice cherry on the top of that sundae.

Also of note, there's a scene where Terry Funk (Morgan) says, "Mind your own business, Dad!" to Sam Elliott's Wade Garrett.

Funny thing about that is Funk was born June 30, 1944, and Elliott was born August 9, 1944. Sam Elliott is actually a little younger than Terry Funk. Makes that line funnier to me. Also the way Funk says it makes it infinitely funnier too.

Anyhow, Road House is a fantastic film because it's big dumb fun. Sometimes that's all you need. Not everything enjoyable in life needs to be high art.