Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Raw Review (Monday, May 6, 2019)

This is not going to be a regular feature here as I do not enjoy doing reviews, and I don't think that I am terribly good at them.

Last night, I felt compelled to do a video one on Twitter though so I figured I should drop it on YouTube and here.

Also had I made the video with the intention of putting it on YouTube and here, I would have shot it better. Try to ignore the presentation, and pay attention to the content of it though.

I would like to add the following...

  • Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre had one heck of a match. I wanted it to be a sprint, I didn't get that, but what they did absolutely worked.

  • The WWE Title main event was also good unsurprisingly. I was a touch surprised however that Kofi got a clean win over Daniel Bryan on TV like that.

  • The Vince McMahon stuff was odd, but I believe that was the point and I also believe a lot of people missed that.

    The Wild Card Rule (X number of performers can appear on the other show at certain times like last night) may or may not be here to stay, but in storyline it was pretty clearly implemented so Vince could make it appear that he had not lost control of the locker room.

    This was hammered home later when you saw him in his office and talking about how "Elias didn't count because he was with Shane (Elias and Shane put the SD appearances over 3 which was the originally stated number), and then when he made it four because Lars Sullivan intimidated him.

    My guess is that it was either just a one-off to explain why so many SmackDown Live talents made that show last night OR we're heading to a "Vince has lost his touch" power struggle.

  • The Revival/Usos thing was the only part that I thought was legitimately terrible last night, but I have to give The Revival props for committing to the bit and the physical comedy aspect of it.

  • Firefly Fun House was good, but my least favorite one so far...I will share that and comment further in a separate post though

That's it! Those are my takes on last night's Raw. It was a perfectly fine show that isn't going to live up to the idea that it needed to be the one that turned the ratings trend around.