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Thursday, April 25, 2019

ACTION Wrestling 8 Preview (Friday, April 26, 2019 East Coweta HS Sharpsburg, GA)

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It's time to drop a light preview of ACTION Wrestling 8 on you!

All of the particulars are here, it costs only $10 to get in the door, and it will benefit the Coweta County High School Wrestling Teams at East Coweta HS, Newnan HS, and Northgate HS.

  • ACTION Wrestling Champion AC Mack defending against James Bandy - This is one I have been anticipating for a while as it always seemed these two were destined to meet in a match for the ACTION Title.

    If you know anything about me, you know I am FIRMLY Team Bandy on this one. I've referred to him as "ACTION's Hometown Hero" almost from the jump, and he's a guy I would love to see hold the top prize in this promotion.

    That said, I always give credit where its due...and while I'm not a FAN of the current ACTION Wrestling Champion, there is NO DENYING that he can get the job done in the ring.

    It's going to be big fight with a big fight feel, I'm hoping before I head off to Avengers: Endgame, I will get to see my guy James Bandy take the ACTION Title off of The Mack Of All Trades!

  • AR Fox v Bobby Flaco - Flaco is a familiar face to the ACTION crowd, and watching him gain momentum in the promotion has been an absolute pleasure. The crowd loves the guy, and despite being from "Mexico" it feels like he may have some local connections to this area.

    That said, his trainer, AR Fox is one of the very best out there, and regardless who takes this one the fans will be in for an absolute classic.

  • Anthony Henry v Fred Yehi - Fred Yehi is one of the absolute stars of ACTION Wrestling, and the crowd LOVES him.
    Anthony Henry is supremely talented, and doesn't give a flip whether you like him or not.

    Both are fantastic wrestlers, and will also put on a show for the people at East Coweta HS at ACTION Wrestling 8.

  • "The CEO" Matt Griffin, Cabana Man Dan, and Dani Jordyn v Team TAG - "The CEO" has promised to punch people in the face as he's had enough of Team TAG after his long brewing grudge.

    He went and got two crowd favorites in Cabana Man Dan (Master of the Flip Flop Chop), and Dani Jordyn. Dani has been a HUGE hit in ACTION going back to her first appearance.

    As much as the ACTION crowd loves The CEO, CMD, and Dani...they hate Team TAG.

    Team TAG wants what they want, and will do whatever it takes to get it. As we called them cowards for their sneak attack on The CEO at the Sandy Creek HS show, Kevin Blue looked dead at us and claimed they were "WINNERS" instead. I don't see it that way, the ACTION crowd sure doesn't see it that way, and you're going to see an electric environment when this one goes down.

  • ACTION Showcase Scramble - Matt Sells v Jaden Newman v Ashton Starr v Shawn Dean v Alan Angels (A Jeffrey Show Live EXCLUSIVE Announcement)  -Despite Matt Sells' distaste for Scramble Matches, this one will be a certified blast. There's a lot of talent going in that ring with even bigger personalities.

    Matt Sells is a fan favorite, Jaden Newman is the exact opposite, but recently made his mark by taking out The Carnies with Cain Justice, Ashton Starr is as talented as entertaining and charismatic, Shawn Dean is an impressive athlete with memorable dives at ACTION shows, and Alan Angels has a BAD ATTITUDE.

    It's a great blend, and will be a great Scramble.

  • Michael Marshall v AJ Gray in a WATTS RULES MATCH - Familiarize yourself with Watts Rules here, and then understand that Mr. Marshall will likely break them. Also understand that AJ Gray is a BAD MAN, and may also break Mr. Marshall.

  • Also appearing...O'Shay Edwards! - This is O'Shay's "see you in a while" to the Georgia indie scene as he heads to Maryland and the Ring Of Honor Dojo. He's been a tremendous asset to this scene (specifically ACTION), but we will all be rooting for in the next stage of his career. I am extremely glad to be able to send him off tomorrow against an unknown opponent.

As mentioned above, I have all the particulars here and they are always available for every ACTION show to the upper-right corner of the page.

**South Atlanta Wrestling is proud to be a sponsor of ACTION Wrestling 8!**