Monday, March 18, 2019

ACTION Wrestling St. Paddy's Brawl Results

I used the Notes gimmick on my phone to share some quick and dirty ACTION Wrestling St. Paddy's Brawl results from Saturday. Here's a more cleaned up version of that for South Atlanta Wrestling.

Winners are in BOLD.

  • Ryan Rembrandt/James Bandy v ACTION Wrestling Champion AC Mack/Alan Angels - Biggest takeaway here is something we all should have seen coming. AC Mack abandoned his partner to save himself. Mack also walked back to the dressing room screaming "I'M STILL THE CHAMP!" even though the title was NOT on the line!

  • Caleb Konley v Michael Marshall in a match competed under #WATTSRULES - To the surprise of no one, Michael Marshall broke his own Watts Rules and beat Konley with a "piledriver hold." Marshall will be back at the Sandy Creek HS show in a match that will NOT be contested under his beloved Watts Rules.

  • Corey Hollis v "The Rock N Roll Model" Matt Sells - I tried to explain what the deal with Corey Hollis was to a friend who had never seen him before. He attacked Matt Sells before the bell rang. I said, "That's what Corey Hollis is about."

  • Dani Jordyn v Ruthless Lala - Nice to see Lala in Tyrone, but that crowd absolutely LOVES Dani Jordyn. She is one of the ACTION crowd's favorite wrestlers.

  • Billy Buck from Team TAG v "The Bite Sized Brawler" Logan Stunt - It was great seeing Logan Stunt. I am instantly a fan although he ate a Buckshot for the loss.

  • Team TAG (Kevin Blue/Chris Spectra) v Cyrus The Destroyer/Erik Havok - Crowd hated Team TAG as much as ever with the kids giving them the business the most. Team TAG weaseled their way to a dubious DQ victory as the ref believed Cyrus had used Havok's chain, and called for the DQ. Cyrus absolutely did not use the chain for the record.

  • Bobby Flaco v David Ali - Fun match, and all of us from around here are keeping a close eye on Bobby Flaco. Very excited to see him continue to grind in ACTION and elsewhere. When "Bob's here!" you know you're going to see an exciting match. David Ali is another guy that impresses as well.

This show was a great appetizer for ACTION Wrestling 7 SuperShow at Sandy Creek HS this coming Friday (March 22nd).

Seemed to be more casual fans there which you would expect at a free show that's part of a larger event, and they all seemed to have a great time.

From my Twitter feed (@S_ATL_Wrestling) you can see some shots of the ACTION HERE and HERE!

Follow ACTION's photographer Alec Thomas (@topropeimages) for more (and better) shots like this one.

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