Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Wrestlers You Hated That You Now Love: Carmella

Asked this on Twitter recently...
What wrestler did you dislike until you suddenly LOVED them?

I have a few, but the biggest 180 I have done in recent memory is on Carmella.

Initially, I had zero interest in her. I was never high on Enzo & Cass to begin with in NXT (or the main roster), and her solo stuff when she got called up was UNBEARABLE.

I distinctly remember a couple of things that actively irritated me. The first was her coming out and doing her pre-match mic work in front of a crowd that could not possibly care less.

The second issue was ALL OF THE SCREAMING. I don't remember the exact match, but she was APPLYING a submission hold and was screaming her head off. It was brutal.

Then all of the sudden something changed. While I hate to give this guy any credit, her pairing with James Ellsworth was what caused me to change my tune. Those two were a great tandem.

After that you look at little things like going with the dark hair (I think it helped her overall look), but that was not the final step for me.  The final step is pretty obvious if you've been following her, but it's her pairing with R-Truth that completely sold me on her.

R-Truth is wildly entertaining and has been every time he's been given the opportunity. Even when he doesn't have that level of focus, he's always a fun guy to see especially live.

The pairing of Truth & Mella with things like their "Mandatory 7-Second Dance Break" has been magical, and it has helped both of them. The difference being that I have long enjoyed R-Truth, but this is the most enjoyable run of Carmella's career for me. It's the kind of pairing that helps both wrestlers and it's been a lot of fun.

Mella's new tag team with Naomi (along with matching entrance coats!) has potential as well. Them having a similar dancing background (both danced for NBA team dance teams) is a little thing that can tie them together. They also are both very bright, and high-energy characters.

It's not often that I do a complete 180 on a wrestler, but that's absolutely what happened with Carmella.