Friday, January 4, 2019

REPOST: WCW's Fingerpoke Of Doom

Since it was the anniversary of the Fingerpoke of Doom, I thought I should share some words on it. I also thought, "I've probably already done so."

Before I remembered to look a friend of the site shared the following on Twitter:

I've seen some defending of the angle from a couple of different perspectives and I reject all of them.

Maybe it's because I was there live and had spent my hard-earned money on the event, but I just cannot buy any defense of that nonsense. No, I don't care if Goldberg was being setup to destroy the newly formed nWo.

If the problem was that a Nash/Hollywood Hogan match would STINK then don't build the nWo split angle to that.

Fact is that in my opinion the beginning of the end for WCW was how they handled Hollywood Hogan v Sting at Starrcade 97. The Fingerpoke of Doom was the confirmation. That company had dumped on their most loyal fans too many times, and although they had fleeting moments after that (Hello WCW World Champion Booker T!) they had killed the golden goose.