Friday, January 18, 2019

Lashley As Intercontinental Champion

Lashley in his second WWE run has been a mixed bag to say the least. The whole deal seemed to turn the corner (in a positive way) when Lio Rush became his hype man. Even with that it definitely hasn't worked as well as one might have hoped.

The latest development is that Lashley became Intercontinental Champion on Raw. Despite the issues with Lashley I think this is a great move.

It didn't hurt that Dean Ambrose as a heel Intercontinental Champion was not really working in any manner at all.

While typically the premise is that the "wrestler makes the title" I think we have the opposite here. Lashley as IC Champion gives him some much needed direction and purpose. While giving a struggling act a belt is usually NOT the move, I think it is in this circumstance.

For one thing, Lashley and Rush as a tandem should help whichever babyface is challenging for the title. Elias isn't a guy that needs the help necessarily, but imagine him tooling on those guys and the crowd getting behind him to become IC Champion. It will be so much sweeter to see Lashley and Rush deal with the loss as well.

Lashley has absolutely struggled since his return, but I think this move is the right one and I'm more interested in that belt and him because of it.