Wednesday, December 12, 2018

What To Do With BRAUN Versus Corbin At TLC

If you're not familiar with the stipulations on this one (and I had to verify them myself before writing this), the victor will get the following...

  • BRAUN will get his Universal Title shot against Brock Lesnar 

  • Baron Corbin goes from General Manager-Elect of Raw to Permanent General Manager of Raw
While I am not wild about doing BRAUN v Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble, I think there's an obvious way to do this match, and I shared that on Twitter (@S_ATL_Wrestling) recently.

Corbin also said something this week that makes me think it's exactly what they are going to do.

The match is going on as planned so for the sake of this discussion let's assume that BRAUN is healthy enough and/or cleared to at least be able to walk down to the ring, and get physical to some degree or another.

With that out of the way, I'm guessing and thinking they are going to do the following...

Baron Corbin will head to the ring to officially win the match because he believes that BRAUN is not able to compete and/or not in the building.  He instructs the referee to start the match, and his plan is to win by count out.

The ref starts his count, and gets above 5 or so before BRAUN's theme hits. The Monster Among Men storms the ring, destroys Corbin in as few moves as necessary, and wins his Universal Title shot at the Royal Rumble.

I think that's what they are going to do, and I think that's what they should do assuming BRAUN can at least get in the ring and run over Corbin.

As I said before, I am not crazy about BRAUN v Brock at the Rumble for the title so maybe you insert a third guy to take the loss from Brock. Even if you do it one-on-one, I think Brock has to win as the ship has sailed for the time-being to make BRAUN Universal Champion. If you were going to do that you didn't need him losing at Crown Jewel. That's where they should have gone ahead and pulled the trigger.

That said, I think the ultimate play is to get to Mania 35 with Brock defending the Universal Title to Seth Rollins (who should win that match), and Drew McIntyre taking on BRAUN. That second match sets Drew Mc up as the first contender for Universal Champion Seth Rollins.

We will see what happens Sunday, but that's how I see this playing out.