Friday, December 14, 2018

Three Years Ago Today Roman Reigns Won The WWE Title For The Second Time

This is the show that most of us just refer to as Raw Philly when discussing Roman Reigns' career. It was a legitimately great moment especially for Roman's fans.

The way the crowd's response in the same city was a complete 180 from the 2015 Royal Rumble debacle was pretty much magical to be honest.

The match itself was a great hoss fight between Sheamus (really underrated talent), and Roman (one of my all-time favorites). The sizzle of course was Vince McMahon's involvement, and that obviously put the whole thing over the top.

ALSO you hate to see someone get split open on a headbutt, but the accidental clashing of heads there did add something to the match.

Great night, and a career highlight for The Big Dog!

Here's the post-match celebration as well. The last five minutes or so are embedded after the jump. I HIGHLY recommend giving the match a watch under the Raw Replays section of WWE Network if you're a subscriber.