Monday, December 17, 2018

Michael Marshall And #WattsRules

There's been a lot of talk about Michael Marshall and #WattsRules. We got to witness them firsthand at ACTION Wrestling 5: Watch For Monsters on Friday, December 7, 2018 in Tyrone, GA.

My take? I am a fan. It was a lot of fun especially as he took on the high-flying Chad "Sky" Walker.

Before we go too much further, here are the rules as presented at the beginning of the match...
  1.  No closed fists

  2. Cannot throw each other over the top rope

  3. No jumping over or through the top rope onto a defenseless opponent (NFL must have had a hand in that one)

  4. No jumping off the top rope

  5. "Piledriver hold is illegal"

With that out of the way, check out the match and my thoughts on it are below the video from ACTION Wrestling's Official YouTube Channel

My favorite part of the match, which I did not see coming for some reason, was Marshall winning the match by breaking the #WattsRules. That took the whole thing over the top for me. My son's reaction in the front row illustrates how effective the stipulation and how Marshall uses it really is.

I believe he's bringing #WattsRules to AWE's December 27th show (Show Of The Year 5) in Jonesboro for example, and I think it will work there too in front of a completely different type of crowd who will voice their displeasure much differently.

I'm a believe in Michael Marshall and his #WattsRules so I will be interested to see how it goes moving forward. Glad we got to see it first in ACTION Wrestling.

It was kind of assumed that anyone who read this would get why they are called #WattsRules, but if you don't it's a reference to the style of wrestling "Cowboy" Bill Watts preferred as well as guidelines he put in place while running World Championship Wrestling in the early-90's. 

MASSIVE UPDATE: Michael Marshall has responded to this piece already with the following Quote Tweet of my post..."#norulesbroken #wattsrules"