Friday, December 21, 2018

Aquaman (2018) Review

As the video review states, I LOVED Aquaman. Great comic book film, and a really fun movie. It was roughly 2.5 hours which is a lot, but it didn't really feel like that.

The cast was really good, and I hate that I didn't specifically mention Kidman as Queen Atlanna or Yahya Adbul-Mateen II as Manta in the video above. Temeura Morrison as Tom Curry was excellent as well, and I thought everyone just did a really good job in it.

The visuals were very cool and unique, and it did a good job blending seriousness without completely cutting out any sort of comedy in it.

A testament to this film is how there's a great scene that is in the trailer that we still LOVED when we saw it in context. We knew it was coming, but when it arrived you were still pumped for it.

The villains were well-written, and you understood their motivations without them being too sympathetic as well. The action was fantastic. Aquaman comes off like every bit of the great warrior with a lot of swagger that you'd expect. 

I was obviously excited about the movie as I really like Momoa's take on the character, and it completely exceeded my expectations. The mythology was fleshed out pretty well, and I found Atlantis and the history of the tribes under the sea to be far more interesting than I thought they would be.

At this point I will be extremely disappointed if we don't get a sequel (which I have heard may be in the works). If we don't ever get Justice League 2, I'd be ALL IN on seeing him at least team with Wonder Woman (and maybe even Shazam! if that one delivers). 

My one line review is..

"If you think you'll like it then you'll love it."