Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Who Should Take The Universal Title From Brock Lesnar?

Due to my dissatisfaction with Brock v BRAUN at Crown Jewel I did not do a piece on Brock Lesnar winning the Universal Title. The reason I didn't was it was absolutely going to come off like the whiny trash I don't want to read.

If you are curious what I do not like about Brock Lesnar as a top champion, the piece I wrote about why I wanted Brock over BRAUN before Crown Jewel explains it pretty well. 

That said, Brock is champion now so it did get me to thinking about a satisfying way to end that reign at some point.  I settled on what I want, and WWE has already started to lay the groundwork for it.

Before I reveal who that is I need to get one little piece of business out of the way and it relates to Roman Reigns.  Roman is obviously my favorite wrestler, but he's also had to step away from the business for the time-being due to the return of his leukemia.

Due to this indefinite leave from the ring, I do not and will not include Roman in any ideas I share here. My stance is that he's gone and will remain gone until a) we see an announced return or b) he suddenly returns.  Until we have one of those two scenarios you will not see me mentioning him as it relates to him wrestling or being involved in storylines.

With that little bit of housekeeping out of the way I will tell you exactly who I want to see win the Universal Title, and when I want to see it.

Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 35

Now I do not love the idea of a Brock Lesnar title reign that lasts until Mania 35 for a lot of reasons I have already covered, but looking at where we are post-Crown Jewel I think this would be the right call.  To be completely clear, I would have gone with BRAUN as champion at Crown Jewel, but I am just looking at where we are right now today.

Right now Seth Rollins is absolutely the man that should put The Beast down, and there's no better place than Mania 35.  Pushing it until then lets you wrap up Seth v Dean Ambrose first, and then gives you the big feelgood moment on the biggest show of the year.

There's another reason for this, and it does deal with Roman Reigns (despite what I said earlier). Seth has already made comments about Brock being a part-timer on Raw. Although I cannot find it right now I recall a comment he made about Brock's Crown Jewel win causing him to think about how hard Roman worked to get that belt off of him.

Based on all that I think that's the perfect sizzle to a Mania win for Rollins. He does it for his brother, Roman Reigns. I also think that WWE may be going that very direction based on his comments.

Honestly, I cannot see a more satisfying way to go and Rollins is one of only two men that I want to see as Universal Champion right now.  The other is Drew McIntyre, but I'm saving that conversation for another day.