Monday, November 19, 2018

Survivor Series 2018: Bryan v Brock, Charlotte v Ronda, Shane O'Mac, and Nia Jax

This is not a review because a) I don't like doing those, b) I don't do them that well, and c) others do them better so go find those.

It was a hot show last night, and I wanted to touch on a couple of things.

Here are the things that moved the meter for me:

  • Daniel Bryan v Brock Lesnar--Considering how down I was on the prospect of this match it really was quite the happening last night. The way it started with the typical Brock nonsense really laid the foundation for Bryan's rally, and I also fell for Bryan's near falls on Brock. I really thought they were going to do it at a couple of points even though I "knew" they wouldn't going into it.

    While this match deserves the praise it highlighted a couple of issues with the Brock situation for me. One is the uneven effort. When he wants to play ball like he did last night he can be really good. On the other hand you can get Brock v Dean Ambrose at WrestleMania 32 or BRAUN at Crown Jewel.

    The second aspect is that it highlighted to me how much more effective he could be used as a special attraction without the Universal Title being held hostage. Him being champion had nothing to do with that match last night (other than it being marketed as champion v champion). He could do stuff like that whenever they feel like bringing him in without making Raw feel like a directionless mess while he's gone.

    Good Brock was good though so for Survivor Series 2018 he gets a thumbs up from me.

  • Charlotte v Ronda Rousey--No offense to Charlotte Flair, but obviously Becky "The Man" Lynch was a big selling point of this PPV. When Becky chose Charlotte to replace her (which made perfect sense despite what some whiners will tell you) it was obviously a bit of a letdown, but that's the hand we were dealt.

    Well Ronda and Charlotte absolutely DELIVERED! They brawled, and fought like you would not believe. Charlotte tore Ronda in half with a vicious spear (and a better sell by Ronda), and it was tons of fun.

    The only thing that kicked it up a notch was when Charlotte ended up not being the sacrificial lamb, and went ballistic on Ronda. It was incredible, and I immediately wanted more of it.

    Fantastic match.

  • Shane O' Mac--This is more of a general comment than specific to this show, but Shane is endlessly entertaining to me in the ring. I totally get why people have an issue with him, but stuff like being named Best In The World is so absurd to me that it's not even offensive. This match was similar in that regard as he was the last survivor for SmackDown before BRAUN put him out of his misery.

    The crowd loves Shane, and honestly it's time to let go of all the complaints against the guy. It works, like it or not.

  • Nia Jax--Not much to say here other than I don't blame them for leaning into this, and that live crowd certainly gave her the business. I have no issue with it so long as Becky gets her revenge down the road.

It was a pretty entertaining show, but those last two match really sealed that. What I wrote about above weren't the only things that were worthwhile on the show, but they are what left the lasting impression.

If you haven't seen Survivor Series 2018 I recommend checking it out.