Monday, November 5, 2018

Shoots Fired Episode 5 Featuring Yours Truly

It was my pleasure to be asked to join T.O. Myron Fancher on his Shoots Fired Podcast (part of the Tapped Out Wrestling Podcast network).

Honestly, I only knew him a little bit before this show, but found out he's a really chill dude who has a similar relationship and appreciation for pro-wrestling that I do.

I would also like to apologize for how I shot this, that weekend was very busy and I did not get my setup done the way I'd like. You may enjoy this more if you just listen to the audio.

We talked about a variety of things such as ACTION Wrestling, our relationship with independent wrestling, and even the joys and camaraderie of being a wrestling fan.

Hope you enjoy...

Linked above, but here's the official site for the Tapped Out Wrestling Podcast network again. Give them your support!