Monday, November 26, 2018

Making Towns and Scenic City Trios Weekend

This past weekend I was lucky enough to have the privilege of attending the Making Towns Wrestling and Scenic City Trios shows this past weekend.

Both shows were held in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area, more specifically, Making Towns took place in Red Bank at the TWE Arena.  It's a small, intimate venue, pretty good for this show.  For those that don't know, Making Towns is an organization started this past year that's used as a showcase for the various women's wrestlers who deserve a showcase to show off their talents.

One thing I have to say about this is that I'm so happy that the amount of female talent has increased so much in the last few years that we are able to have a variety of talent on different female shows like Shimmer, Stardust and now Making Towns.  What I loved about the show was that there was a great variety of talent and we got different styles of matches and the fans were loving it.  The days of women's wrestling getting vulgar chants are long over and it was good to see.

To be quite honest, I really enjoyed the show.  I enjoyed it so much I spent the night thinking about what a great time I had at the show, it was so much that I was unable to sleep that night, When I was finally able to be able to start sleeping, it was sunrise.  It was fine.

My only real complaint had nothing to do with the wrestling. To kill time before the show, we went to this geek store and the owner told us of this Expo at the convention center which was a few blocks away, free parking, and lots of vendors.  So we get to the center but it was paid parking, and there was only one geek vendor, the rest were a bunch of small business folks. So we ended up being there only 5 minutes.

But then came Trios. The atmosphere was like the other shows, a good mix of Hardcore and casual fans. Lots of guys I've seen before and some new ones I got some exposure to. Of course, me, David and his family represented Team Action with our shirts. Unfortunately Team Action (Slim J, Fred Yehi and Cam Carter) did not win the tournament but had a great showing.

The thing I love about the shows is that they do not run too long.  They have that nice balance and I find it to be much easier to keep my energy levels going.

Before I end this entry I have to mention something I saw at the end of the show that caught my eye.  The people who owned the ring were taking it apart and one of the guys was having trouble with the ropes. So this wrestler named Jaden Newman, who was wearing a nice outfit, Sunday best, stopped what he was doing and went over to help. He didn't have to do that so for him to do that earned a whole new respect from me.

What these shows, along with Action, has done for me is reignite my fire for my love of independent wrestling. Being introduced to talent who are the future of our region of wrestling and some who have potential to go even further, having basic booking of good vs evil through competition, just has me excited about the future. And the fact a lot of this takes place in our neck of the woods makes it even better, we no longer have to drive over and hour and a half to see quality independent wrestling.