Wednesday, October 17, 2018

WWE Merging The Rosters?

Rumors swirled on Twitter yesterday that WWE was looking to merge the rosters as we get closer to their FOX debut.

This kicked off a bunch of discussion about that prospect, and people I like and respect had varied takes on the subject.

I shared my thoughts to a degree, but felt like this may be a better place for that discussion to go.

Here's my take on the various aspects of merging the roster:

  • It's smart business--Without knowing any details I'd imagine this is a business-driven decision. With WWE programming now splitting time between FOX and USA, it might be more difficult for WWE to justify keeping top talents exclusive to one show or another.

    The FOX aspect especially probably needs to be "all hands on deck."

  • I would not necessarily merge all the titles--Having two top titles has never bothered me. It especially didn't bother me when the rosters are split. I never cared for the idea of a singular top title traveling between brands either.

    Obviously, if the rosters are merged the people who dislike having two top straps will have an even better argument for unification.  I don't care for that idea.  Split or not, there's enough talent on the WWE roster to make two top titles seem important.

    If anything, I could see merging the tag titles. Aside from that, I'd probably leave things as they are.

  • The split is better creatively--From a creative standpoint, a split roster is better. I have no issue whatsoever saying that. It makes each show feel more unique, and doesn't run the risk of overexposing your top stars. It also gives people lower on the card more of an opportunity to shine

    In a perfect world, I'd keep the brand split. Like I said in the first point though, I don't think they'll have that luxury. It's likely going to be a business decision to merge the rosters and I respect that.

  • A possible approach is more of a "soft" merge--One way to combat some of the issues with a merged roster is to give the top of the card some variety.  Maybe The Shield doesn't appear on both shows every week.  Possibly you have Rousey appear on Raw one week, and SmackDown the next. 

    Things like that where your top talent doesn't necessarily reside on the top of the card of both shows every single week may be a better approach.  It's a step below a true split, but kind of a compromise scenario.

Those are my main takeaways on the subject. It will be interesting to see what they actually do, and how they handle it.

As you can tell I am pretty ambivalent on the subject, but most of my folks on Wrestling Twitter HATE the idea. Depending on how exactly it's executed will determine my ultimate take on it. Wait and see...wait and see.