Friday, October 5, 2018

WWE 2K19: Way Too Early Hands-On Thoughts

Was busy doing other stuff last night, but my wife bailed me out and picked up WWE 2K19 Deluxe Edition for me.

Only played for a very short time as it was getting late and I had to be up early, but wanted to share my first hands-on thoughts on the game.
  • It has a great "feel" to it. The wrestlers move a touch fast for me, but the moves feel solid as does all contact. It feels smoother overall.

  • The menu screen looks slick, but I am having a bit of a learning curve with how to navigate me.  I'm sure that will be fine.

  • The fact that Roman Reigns still doesn't have the proper championship entrance is really aggravating for a top guy. I haven't verified, but I think Elias still walks down the ramp which is also really lazy.

  • For banter purposes, I enjoyed this moment as did some on Twittter (@S_ATL_Wrestling)

    • Beat someone as Roman Reigns

    • Get attacked by Daniel Bryan

    • Spear Daniel Bryan into oblivion

  • The retro Ric Flair in a suit is AMAZING. The suit is incredibly 80s and I love it.

That's it for now. As I said I only played a handful of matches, but I am digging the game so far. Most of the feedback I heard on Twitter from my buddies over there has been positive as well for whatever that's worth.