Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Roman Reigns Announces Leukemia Diagnosis And Is Stepping Away From WWE

In what was one of the most surreal things I have seen on television, Roman Reigns vacated the Universal Title last night to focus on his fight with his returning leukemia.

The video of him exiting the backstage area may be even more heart-wrenching, and is linked here.

I share those videos for the sake of anyone who stumbles upon this that's not part of the Wrestling Twitter community.

A companion piece will be posted shortly with my thoughts on Reigns as he steps away to battle this illness.

UPDATE: Roman took to Twitter to address the situation. Of note, he signed his Tweet Joe/Roman.

After posting this, I did a piece that kind of walks you through the beginning of my Roman Reigns fandom all the way up to last night.

South ATL Wrestling: Perspective From A Roman Reigns Fan