Monday, October 29, 2018

Mattel WWE Ringside Fest 2018 Figures

Although I did not attend, Ringside Fest 2018 looks like a fantastic event. uploaded their gallery of photos from the event..

As usual, I'd like to highlight the figures that are most interesting to me.

The other usual thing here is that I will claim that I will buy several of these, but won't follow through with that. I do love the figures, but money and space are a concern so typically my "I want to buy" list is much longer than my "I actually bought list."

On to the figures!

To be clear, I don't intend to buy all of those in the first place. They were just the ones I thought y'all may appreciate the most. Check the post itself and take a quick scroll to see if there's other stuff you like.

The two figures that are actual must-buys for me are that Roman Reigns with IC Title, and Entrance Greats Elias.