Wednesday, October 31, 2018

BRAUN Or Brock As Next Universal Champion

On the way in to work I started thinking a little bit more about who I want to be the next Universal Champion.

With WWE Crown Jewel coming this Friday (on the Award Winning WWE Network), we know that barring something completely unforseen it will be eiter "The Monster Among Men" BRAUN Strowman or "The Beast Incarnate" Brock Lesnar.

If you're even somewhat familiar with my thoughts on Brock as Universal Champion, you'll know which way this is going. There's no mystery there, but what I hope to do is at least lay out a clear case for why BRAUN Strowman needs to walk away with that title at WWE Crown Jewel.

The idea of another Brock Lesnar Universal Title reign is a huge turn off for me personally. I won't go so far as to say that it's bad business, but I don't care for it at all.

Some argue that the champ, and the belt don't need to be around all the time. They often point out who you didn't see Ric Flair defend his title on TV even.

I think that comparison misses the point. First of all, those were the days when TV was designed to get you in the arena, but more importantly Flair was still around and the title was still a primary focus.  With Brock, it's like he's just gone, the title is of little consequence, and the show suffers for it.

For that reason alone I am ALL IN on a BRAUN Strowman victory at WWE Crown Jewel. If nothing else he is the better of the two options.

That raises another issue though that you may have heard me mention in the past. I don't think BRAUN is a long term champion. What I mean is I don't like the idea of him in that role either. He's more of a special attraction type like Andre or even Undertaker (this applies to Brock too for what it's worth). I don't see giving him a long run with a top title because it would be...problematic.

I touched on why this is in my BRAUN's Path Forward piece from August. One of two things will happen with him as a long term top champion and both are bad. Either it quickly wears out its welcome because of how he is going to destroy everything in his path as champion OR in an effort to make him vulnerable they kill everything special about him.  Those are my concerns.

Funny thing is that at this point with the circumstances we have I don't want to see either Brock or BRAUN as champion for an extended period of time at least. That title needs to be on either Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre, or Finn Balor.  Those are the guys I look at who fit the championship mold.

Honestly, I was a touch surprised that Drew McIntyre wasn't included in the Crown Jewel Universal Title match so that a) BRAUN would have someone to pin and b) that could lead directly into a BRAUN v Drew Mc feud where the title got moved to Drew.

The biggest downside to a BRAUN win at Crown Jewel is it does rob us of a big first title win at WrestleMania 35 or SummerSlam 2019, but considering the circumstances that's a sacrifice I think you just have to make.

Moving forward I still don't think BRAUN is the right guy for the strap, but coming out of WWE Crown Jewel he absolutely is.