Monday, September 17, 2018

The Main Event Finish At Hell In A Cell Did Not Protect Anyone

Last night's Hell In A Cell show was a heck of a lot of fun, but just like WrestleMania 34 it ended in a complete THUD for me. At Mania 34 the issue was that it felt like all of this was building towards Roman Reigns taking the Universal Title from Brock Lesnar, and that shockingly didn't happen.

Hell In A Cell suffered a similar fate, and involved the same players. The issue once again being...Brock Lesnar.

To be clear, I think keeping the Universal Title on Roman Reigns was absolutely critical. You cannot follow his SummerSlam title win with him dropping the strap to anyone on PPV later, not even BRAUN Strowman.

There's an argument to be made as well that you really cannot have BRAUN take a loss at this stage of the game, and that's why Lesnar punking both to end the match and the show has been defended to some degree. While I see the value in both of these positions, I cannot defend this particular decision. Having Brock Lesnar unequivocally stand tall over BRAUN and Roman (with The Shield also outside the ring) was a HUGE step backward from the story you just told.

Obviously, Brock has some unfinished business whether it's with Roman and the Universal Title OR with BRAUN Strowman OR both. I just think it was WAY too soon for this to be brought up considering how hot The Shield reunion was, and with them going to war with BRAUN.

To me, a shenanigans filled finish where BRAUN's Dogs of War/Pack and The Shield play a part would have done a perfectly fine job protecting BRAUN in a loss. Roman gets to retain (he should hold the title until Royal Rumble 2019 at minimum, Mania 35 is ideal), BRAUN has an out, and the story continues on as we approach the six-man tag at Super Show-Down in Australia.

Instead we have Brock and Heyman back, likely doing the same old tired shtick, and being positioned above the two top guys on Raw.

It was a big misstep in my opinion, and I am actually less interested in Raw tonight because of it. For me personally, it's like the dark cloud of Brock Lesnar is hanging over the show again. Others obviously like Brock a lot more than I do and I respect that, but that's just how I feel.

The non-finish last night did not protect Roman or BRAUN, it made them both look bad.